AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — All around the nation businesses are facing staffing shortages and staffing issues, and local businesses are feeling that crunch as well.

The owner of Pescaraz Italian Restaurant, Tonya Lambert said they are struggling to have enough staff and find people to fill positions.

Lambert said currently they are not seeing the number of applications that they used to see before the pandemic. Lambert added that they have made some changes to service due to them being short-staffed, such as closing between 2 p.m and 4 p.m. She added it was something they did not want to do, but said it ensures that staff gets the rest they need between shifts.

“I know there are some other businesses that have had to adjust their hours as well because of staffing and it’s never something as a business owner that you want to do because you completely want to give 100 percent to the community in times of being here, but we also have to protect the staff that we have and make sure they are taken care of,” said Lambert.

Lambert said with them getting more applications, she hopes they might be able to go back to regular hours and be open all day soon.

Lambert added she hopes that soon local businesses and restaurants will see a rise in applications from people wanting to get back into the workplace.

“We love stepping up and doing what we do and as a business owner, you want to take some time to step out in your community and give back to your community and do those things and you can do those things when your staff is fully here in the front and the back and so I just hope in the future that all restaurants are fully staffed again and get back to what we know as normal,” added Lambert.

Lambert also added Pescaraz and other restaurants are having a hard time with applicants following through with interviews. Including them not showing up or filling out false information on applications.

Lambert added that she is keeping a positive outlook and said she could not do what she does without the team at Pescaraz right now.