AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — When it comes to getting food during the COVID-19 pandemic, many places are switching to contactless delivery and seeing an increase in orders.

The owner of La Bella Pizza on Olsen, Jim Dewitz, says tips for drivers are up and people are tipping more despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“People are being quite generous with their tips and stuff going on here. It’s been…It’s been really beneficial for the folks that have been struggling to get by here,” said Dewitz.

Dewitz said people have the option of contactless delivery if the customer wants it and has even waived signatures on credit card tickets.

Dewitz says even though the pandemic, the orders for pizzas haven’t stopped. They have actually increased.

“Yeah. Our ticket numbers have definitely gone up as well as trying to get an online order and going, that’s definitely helped spruced everything up during all of this too. But yeah, we’ve definitely had bigger and bigger ticket numbers during the last couple months here,” said Dewitz.

Patrick McKnight, one of the drivers at La Bella Pizza on Olsen said people have been very kind with tips knowing what they do for a living.

“We’ve seen a bit of generosity lately, cause they know what we have to go through. We are not one of the front line workers, we do get food out to people,” said McKnight.

McKnight says on a bad day he can make $100 in tips and on a decent day he can make $200 in tips.

McKnight says no matter what, people will always want pizza.

“I mean end of the world, somebody is going to be hungry for some pizza,” said McKnight.

Mcknight says in a normal five-hour day he can make anywhere from 12 and up to 15 pizza deliveries.

Dewitz says La Bella Pizza is cleaning all the points of contact for employees and customers and doing it diligently regularly each day.