AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – Members from across the community turned out Friday to help Brothers-Sisters of our Military Adventures, or BOOM Adventures and The Home Depot as they assisted a gold star mother with repairs around her home.

91-year-old Glenda Sain lost her son Navy Petty Officer Second Class Randy Whitaker in 2001 when he was lost at sea while serving on the USS Russell.

Blake Siebrecht, president of BOOM Adventures said he met Sain through some of their gold star events, and through those events, she asked for some help around her home.

“We would come to do some yard work for her and stuff like that and started noticing that some of her fencing and things like that were starting to kind of fall apart and so she is an older lady and so we said let’s do something,” said Siebrecht.

Siebrecht said he contacted Ruben Sanchez, the assistant store manager of The Home Depot on Georgia Street who got involved with the Home Depot Foundation, and folks from Xcel Energy were also on hand thanks to volunteer time off.

“At the end of the day, it takes a special person to join the military, any kind of branch and we look for any kind of opportunity of how can we return that favor,” said Sanchez.

Siebrecht said the list of tasks for the day was a long one.

“We are going to be replacing some of the fencing around her home and then painting some of the trim around everything, we have gutters to put up because it is taking a toll on some of her trim, we have some brickwork, and some intricate things, a new mailbox, basically give her home a facelift,” said Siebrecht.

Siebrecht added it’s important for the community to continue to support Gold Star families, even years later.

“You see everybody come together when they are fallen, they first fall and you have strings of people come out and they support their fallen heroes and their families off the initial comeback and then after a few years go by, nobody hears from them, nobody knows what’s going on what is going on with their family, how they are doing. It’s important to remember this family gave everything that they had. They gave their son, their daughter, and their husband for our country and so I feel like we need to reach out to them and make sure they are doing okay, because like Glenda, her son who was lost at sea would have been the one that was here today doing all this for her, so maybe this project would have never happened if he was around because he would have been taking care of his mother and instead it’s up to us as a community to band together and take care of these families that don’t have that loved one anymore,” said Siebrecht.

Siebrecht said about 30 people came out to help with the project.

“We have people from both Home Depot stores here, we have guys from BOOM Adventures, we have Xcel Energy. People from local churches who wanted to come out and help,” said Siebrecht.

Sain said it was wonderful to have everyone come out and do this for her.

“I have spent quite a bit on the fence myself, it was in terrible shape when my husband passed away and I just have done the best I could, but it needs so much work and I’m just so thankful for Blake and what he does. It’s just wonderful. I just don’t know how to thank him enough,” said Sain.

Siebrecht added that BOOM Adventures started off doing hunting and fishing trips to help veterans and first responders, but he says it has grown to be much bigger than that such as them doing projects like this and banquets for active duty members that don’t cost them anything, a Christmas dinner for active duty, gold star families, and Purple Heart recipients. As well as a fishing camp with the City of Amarillo for up to 150 kids.

“It’s crazy because tomorrow is opening deer season and we have a big hunt scheduled tomorrow with a lot of veterans and first responders and their families,” said Siebrecht.

Sanchez added they are providing Sain with a brand new TuffShed so that she can keep things intact and they won’t get damaged.

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