AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — David Jones is a rock star.

“I just learned you gotta be patient and it’ll come to you,” said Jones, who recently completed the City of Amarillo’s Coming Home Program.

He recently got his college degree.

“I got my Computer Science and Technology degree. Now working on my Master’s,” he said proudly.

He’s had a few stays at the Guyon Saunders Resource Center, and as a two-time cancer survivor, he’s got quite the story to tell.

Jones was first diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011, beat it, and was diagnosed with it again a few years later.

“I came here in 2017 in November. Then I left again, came back, like several months later. So, I came up here, and stayed for a year and a half. Miss Joanie Webber got me on the home program, and about three months later, I moved into my first apartment,” he recalled.

Jones is currently a driver at the Cenikor Foundation, but that’s not what brought him to Amarillo.

“I heard about the railroad program down here. So, I tried to get on it, but it didn’t work,” he said.

His railroad aspirations may not have worked out, but he still found the right track.

“I got the opportunity to work with David, about eight months ago, he was one of my first clients,” said Audrey Tijerina, a Case Manager at the City of Amarillo’s Coming Home Program. “What I do for him is I kind of our job is to connect them to different resources in the community. David’s was honestly a go-getter. So a lot of things he did on his own. He wanted it, I was there for support,” she explained.

Tijerina was Jones’ case manager at the Coming Home Program, which helps people in need with resources like housing and food.

“He knew that he could do something he put his mind to it, and he got it done. He showed me that it’s possible. It’s doable, and as long as they believe in themselves, they can do it too,” she said proudly.

Tijerina told KAMR Local 4 News that it all starts with outreach.

“We go out into the public and we try to service all homeless people, whether it be they need something to drink, some water, food, anything like that. We try to get their immediate needs. You don’t have to be completely ready, you just have to want to, you want to do a little bit better,” she said.

As for David, his advice for anyone working to achieve their goals is, “You just gotta have faith and like, believe in yourself, because if you don’t believe in yourself, who will?”

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