AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Flu season is in full swing, that according to Northwest Texas Healthcare System’s Dr. Brian Weis. With that, we could see co-infections of the flu and COVID-19.

Dr. Weis said they are seeing influenza-a positives every day and he said typically it’s between 12 to 18 people a day.

He added they anticipate it to rise as kids get back into the routine of school. So far, Dr. Weis said Northwest has seen three to four co-infections of COVID-19 and influenza this year, but none of those individuals have been critically ill.

Dr. Weis said they did have some co-infections of flu and COVID-19 in the spring of 2020 as flu season was waning down. He added that the same environment that gives rise to co-infections also gives rise to flu infections.

“If we really see influenza show a sharp uptick in positivity after next week or so, yes, I think we could see a fair good number of co-infections. My only hope is that this omicron is not as pathogenic as some of the previous variants,” said Dr. Weis.

Dr. Weis said they are also seeing an uptick in positive COVIDcases due to omicron.

“We are currently seeing on the outpatient testing side, we were down into the ten to 12 percent range most days. The last three to four days, we have been up in the 25 plus percent range in terms of testing. Literally, one out of three or four patients tested are coming back positive,” said Dr.Weis.

Dr. Weis said people can start seeing the outcome of the holiday travel season in probably seven to 14 days and added that will be a significant event as a lot of people traveled throughout the country.

Dr. Weis said they are continuing to see RSV, rhinovirus and human metapneumovirus. He added they are also seeing original strains of coronavirus that were around before COVID-19.