AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Throughout the month of March, the KAMR Local Four News team has brought viewers the stories of inspirational women from across the Texas Panhandle. As we continue this pattern of honoring and meeting brilliant women in our area, meet Abigail Newlon and DJ Auburg.

Abigail Newlon is a senior at Randall High School in Amarillo and participates in her school’s band. She currently holds the role of being a Girl Scout Amabassador.

DJ Auburg is a senior at West Texas A&M and is studying to become an elementary school teacher.

Both of these young women shared that they believe every woman is remarkable.

Newlon said, “I think any woman is a remarkable woman, but like a standout woman would be somebody who goes above and beyond to help others, whether it inconveniences her or whether it just makes her day a little bit longer. She’s willing to go that extra mile for other people.

With that, Auburg stated, “I think I’m a remarkable woman, because I am the go-lucky person. I smile no matter what. I’m the friend, who is always laughing and always smiling. I make sure to put smiles on other people’s faces and try to keep a positive attitude.”

Additionally, both Auburg and Newlon shared that they have been lucky enough to have standout role models in their lives.

Newlon shared, “My mom is just an amazing woman.” During the interview, Newlon explained that her mother is a teacher. “She’s been teaching for fifteen years now and she has gone above and beyond to help her kids get that education that they deserve and that they need.”

Auburg also explained that her mother, Jennifer Auburg, has been a strong source of motivation. “If you need anything, especially the troops know, if you need anything… you go ask Jennifer.” In addition, she shared life lessons her mother has taught her. “There’s going to be bullies out there, no matter how old you are. Just take it and take it as a push to step forward.”

Newlon continued to share that her mother has taught her great life lessons over the years, like learning to have patience. “She’s also taught me to just be myself and to not be afraid about what other people think.”

Additionally, Auburg shared that one of her teachers from elementary school had a strong influence on her very own career path.

This educator that Auburg has mentioned is her 4th grade English teacher, Mrs. Brenda Wilhite.

Auburg stated, “She’s my inspiration to become a teacher and I strive to be just as amazing as her, because she treated all of her students as if they were her own kids.”

Additionally Auburg shared she hopes and plans to incorporate life lessons into her own classroom.

“We learn from our mistakes, not that if you make a mistake that’s bad or the end of the world. No. You make mistakes to find the right answer,” said Auburg.

As Newlon prepares to graduate from high school this May, she hopes to share what she has learned from her mother to the next generation.

Newlon said, “It matters that you’re happy, not what other people think.”