AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT)— With school only a week away, teachers and students are getting ready to head back to the classroom, and safety is on top of the mind of local districts.

Canyon Independent School District Assistant Superintendent Robyn Cranmer said currently the school district is focusing on all the new requirements that Governor Greg Abbott handed down to the Texas Education Agency.

“We are doing safety audits, we are reviewing all of our doors and all of our access points to make sure they are secure. We are doing training with staff. We did threat assessments with all needed applicants to make sure they were trained and ready to go before school started. We are just looking at overall procedures,” said Cranmer.

Cranmer said that before the new requirements from the state, she felt the district was in a good place.

“We were already thinking through this at a safety team meeting in June which has all of our first responders, law enforcement officers, as well as parents and teachers and community members on it, and we, evaluated where we were and where we needed to get better before we got the governor’s orders. I feel like we can always get better and there are always things we can improve on, and we need to address, but I felt like we were trying our best, and we were pretty safe and secure. I can never say something nothing is going to happen, but we are prepared if something does,” said Cranmer.

She added the district is looking at a new reporting system that staff would have where they can report something automatically.

“It would be an app that our staff would have on their phone where they can report automatically where they are or use a computer or Chromebook, or they can still use a landline phone from their classroom,” said Cranmer.

Amarillo Independent School District is also providing a way for both students and staff to report something on campuses with new a QR code system.

“We have created a website, there is a safety first form and there are QR codes. You may see these QR codes in this video, but you will also see them all over your school. If you see something please say something,” said Palo Duro High School Head Coach Eric Mims.

In July, AISD passed several safety measures including the purchase of solid core doors and classroom function door locks for all classrooms and installing air-conditioning in all elementary gymnasiums so that gym doors will no longer need to be propped open for ventilation purposes. The AISD Board of Trustees also approved selecting an architect to start coming up with concepts for perimeter security fencing for middle and elementary schools.

In the same back-to-school stuff you should know video released by AISD, they also addressed the importance of making sure gates and doors are completely shut behind both students and staff and making sure they are not left propped open.

AISD also stated that they are developing a weekly exterior door check protocol at each campus in their school safety progress newsletter.

We did reach out to Amarillo Independent School District for comment, and they referred us back to the back to school newsletter sent to parents.