AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Local businessmen Alex Fairly and former Mayor Jerry Hodge released what they are calling the Amarillo Plan.

The plan is for updates to the Civic Center, mainly a new arena and talks of possibly bringing a Minor League Hockey team to town.

The two claim the cost to tax payers could be as little as half as what was voted down on “Proposition A” on last month’s ballot.

The city sent a response from Mayor Nelson.” The voter response to the Civic Center improvement project was made clear in November,” said Mayor Nelson. “The overwhelming message I received from numerous discussions with citizens was that the time was not right, and we need to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic.”

A spokesperson for the group said the plan had not been presented to the city, and that they are working to get a spot on an upcoming agenda to present the plan to the city.