UPDATE: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office released a summary of its Thomas Brown investigation, to help “inform the public of the significant and contentious issues surrounding the investigation into the death of Thomas Brown.” There are multiple differences between Klein’s allegations and the OAG summary, which can be viewed as summarized here.

CANADIAN, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The private investigators hired by Thomas Brown’s family, Klein Investigations and Consulting, presented what they have to the community on Wednesday, Oct. 20 at 6 p.m.

Phillip Klein, the lead investigator, said nothing was off-limits other than two areas to protect the identity of two parties.

Klein continued to say he would conduct a narrative of the case including a timeline and present photos of the investigation and issues that surround it and assured that this is not a chance to “bash” anyone, any law enforcement or government body, but a chance to present what they know, when they knew it, and how they obtained it.

In a new development, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton launched a new Cold Case and Missing Persons Unit out of his office.

The unit’s first case was a request for assistance from the Hemphill County Sheriff’s Office in the Thomas Brown case.

The AG’s office said the case has remained a questionable death investigation without sufficient evidence to attribute Thomas Brown’s death to a criminal act, an accidental death, or suicide, and the case has been suspended until additional evidence has been discovered.

Klein said the team did get a copy of a report issued by Paxton’s office and they will address some of the report.

View the full presentation below: