CANADIAN, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – This past Thursday, Philip Klein, president and lead investigator for Klein Investigations and Consulting gave an update on the Thomas Brown case of Hemphill County.

According to Klein, there has been another delay in bringing a grand jury together on the Thomas Brown case. He said due to COVID-19 and other “unknown” issues, the dates have been pushed back six times.

“This last week we did hear there was going to be another delay. The delay was not given to us as a reasonable delay. It’s time to get off-center and get working and get moving on this case,” said Klein.

Klein said it’s time for this case to be heard and for the people of Hemphill County to be heard.

“We just need to get these people into place. We need to get Mr. McDonough in his seat with his assistant and let’s go through the evidence and let the grand jury, say ‘hey, look this is what we think,’ or ‘hey, look these guys lied and we need to file aggravated perjury charges on them, or hey, look there is nothing here,'” said Klein.

He said they need to get the case off of ground zero and go through the evidence and let the grand jury make a decision on what they think.

Klein said he believes the evidence will show Brown was also a victim of homicide and not suicide.

“I would be willing to risk my reputation on this. Tom Brown did not commit suicide. He didn’t do it. It’s impossible, there is no way in the timeline for him to do it,” added Klein. “The evidence that we found clearly indicts that he did not kill himself. This is silliness. This has to stop.”

Klein said that this case is still very fluid and they are still working very hard on it.

Klein added they are prepared to do anything it takes to get the case in front of a grand jury.

“Here is our bottom line. Our bottom line is, it’s time to quit screwing around with this, it’s time to panel a grand jury, spend some time, spend some money and let’s go through it. Let the chips fall where they may,” said Klein.

We reached out to District Attorney Franklin McDonough and the Attorney General’s office for comment on this story and have not heard back.