AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Runners and walkers from all across the High Plains came out to support Kind House Ukraine Bakery’s Run Your Buns for Ukraine.

John Stiff Memorial Park was the place to be Saturday morning as over 200 runners and walkers came out to help raise funds for the country of Ukraine.

“It’s so overwhelming to see everybody here. I know that it is going to be a beautiful day, so I know we are expecting between 200 and 300 people here, so it’s going to be a great wonderful time,” said Glenda Moore, owner of Kind House Ukraine Bakery.

Moore said people as far as Chicago signed up to run in the race.

She added they raised over $30,000 in sponsorships for the event.

Also at the event, the bakery had shirts for sale and 600 cinnamon rolls for those who came out.

Moore said Kind House has been doing all it can to support Ukraine since 2013.

“We watched the first war that came about in 2014 and when that happened and just the way the Ukrainian people standing up for what they believe in, standing up for their rights,” said Moore.

Deborah Ozuah, one of the participants in Saturday’s run said this event shows that the Ukrainian people are not alone.

“They should know people are standing behind them and that they are not ignored and that we see. I feel the injustice of it all. It’s 2022 and other countries should not be going in and trying to take over other countries at this point,” said Ozuah.

Moore said she wants people to take away a sense of love and generosity from this event.

“I hope people come today and they see people loving each other and giving to each other and giving to other people, people they have never met, people they may never meet. Just from their heart. I just pray we come together as a community and learn what freedom is and learn what it is to love and give to one another,” said Moore.

On Monday, the bakery will be shipping off medical supplies which have been collected from two area doctors. Those supplies will be shipped to two hospitals in the areas of Kyiv and Niko.

If you were not able to make it out to the race Saturday morning, Moore said that you can get some treats from the Kind House website as well as donate.