CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — “It’s just a thrilling sight. No Texan I know doesn’t get goosebumps. It’s just a wonderful sight,” said Jim Livingston, Local Artist.

Livingston describes the thrill of seeing “Rider on the Rim” which opens up the “TEXAS Outdoor Musical.”

“You’re down in Palo Duro Canyon and the canyon wall is the backdrop for the play. That wall is about 800 feet tall and the play opens with a rider walking out to the edge of the canyon and then galloping 800 feet above the audience with a Texas flag,” said Livingston.

Livingston was given the chance to photograph the iconic open right up close.

“Most people see that from 800 feet below and I got to take the pictures of it from right up there. It’s a view of “Rider on the Rim” that most people never get to see,” said Livingston.

Livingston is now selling prints of his “Rider on the Rim” picture with a portion of the sales going directly to the musical.

“It is really neat. The other cool thing about it is that I’m selling them all over the world. We’ve sold them to Germany, New Zealand. I think we had one to India this morning. Which is really kind of crazy,” said Livingston.

Livingston said that having the opportunity to do this has been a huge honor.

“I love Texas. I love the state of Texas. I love the panhandle and to shoot a performance that is actually outside in the open air of Palo Duro Canyon is amazing. It’s just a wonderful thing,” said Livingston.

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