AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — More than 48% of Americans reported losing weight as their new year’s resolution last year, and one Texas Tech doctor says one reason why so many people are struggling with being overweight, it’s all about perspective.

“Obesity is a disease process, it’s not a cosmetic state,” said Drew Payne, D.O., an Internist at Texas Tech Physicians. “So, when we talk about obesity, we don’t say that a person is obese, we say they have obesity, just like they can have hypertension.”

It’s a condition that is proving to be a costly one. According to the CDC, a little more than 42% of America’s population is obese, at a cost of almost $150 billion in medical costs.

But, Dr. Payne said, unhealthy habits can cost you more than just a higher medical bill.

“The higher your weight is, or the higher your body mass index is, the higher your risk for cardiovascular disease, for pulmonary disease, for joint problems, for cancer,” he said. “All these things start to rise, and if we start to look at mortality, the higher your weight is, the shorter your life span.”

The good news is there’s a solution.

“Find a partner, whether that’s your primary care physician or someone at the house that is going down this weight loss journey with you,” he said. “The first step should be to establish that relationship with your primary care doctor and have your annual physical done. Then get the greenlight to exercise. Once you have that green light to exercise…Then 30 minutes a day, five times a week is what I recommend.”