AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The owners of Smith & Son Armory shooting complex have been charged with deadly conduct and multiple charges related to gambling in Potter County.

According to documents filed in the Potter County Clerks office, co-owners Jay Smith and Hunter Smith, and Donald Blackwell with Smith & Son Armory are all facing charges of deadly conduct.

The complaints show the three men are also facing four counts related to gambling. Those charges stem from what the documents say are illegal lotteries or raffles. All charges alleged in the complaints are misdemeanors.

Potter County Sheriff’s deputy body cam footage was taken February 8, 2020. It was shown at this week’s Potter County Commission meeting Monday.

Potter County officials said the footage seen above happened when a deputy was responding near the range. A nearby business owner called for help, claiming bullets were possibly escaping the range.

On the body cam footage, you can hear what sheriff’s deputies believe to be a bullet whizzing near the deputy.

County officials say the deadly conduct charges are linked to the allegation that bullets are escaping the gun range. They said the video makes it clear.

Earlier this week, Potter County Commissioners passed new regulations affecting outdoor sport shooting ranges ten acres or smaller in subdivisions in the unincorporated county.

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