FRITCH, Texas (KAMR/KCIT)- Water levels at Lake Meredith have increased, attracting more visitors for the summer and boosting the local economy.

The recent allocation from the state on sales tax revenue for Fritch is 11.98% higher this year, compared to 2022.

“It’s not just our economy, it’s our fellow neighboring communities that enjoy the increase as well,” said Brent Sheets Fritch city manager. “As talking and looking you do see a definite increase in our sales tax revenue. It’s benefiting not us alone, but it is benefiting, our local communities and stores and, and our residents as well.”

According to Sheets, Lake Meredith sees the most visitors on weekends and holidays and Sheets encourages people to use local vendors while they visit.

“We always encourage people to enjoy themselves come out enjoy the lake and have a good weekend,” said Sheets. “Stop by our local vendors and enjoy them and if you need gas or snack or something like that while going in or coming out, we hope they do it. We have a small museum we hope we encourage people to stop by and check it out.”

Sheets shared that residents are excited to celebrate the success that Lake Meredith is having and hope it continues into the fall and winter months as weather permits.

“Residents are excited about it because they know we’ve always heard the downside of the lake but now you’re starting to get backed up to that positive side of the lake and people are excited about that,” said Sheets. “They’re excited added that people can enjoy it.’

Visitors from the Midwest and Northwest often visit and some purchase homes in the area.

Sheets continued, “We have quite a few normal residents coming from Wisconsin and the Midwest down to this area, just to get a little bit drier area. Now purchasing property that’s right off the leg which is outstanding for us and our community as a whole.”

Lake Meredith has outdoor adventures that include fishing, camping, boating, trails, movie nights, and more.

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