AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Saturday is Christmas Eve, and many are out celebrating the holiday with family and friends. During the holiday season, according to APD Public Information Officer Corporal Jeb Hilton, Amarillo tends to see an increase in DWIs during the holidays.

“So, everybody gets together, and they have a good time. With the holidays we tend to stay a little bit longer than what we normally would, we might have one or two more drinks,” Hilton said. “All that we ever asked is that you have a safe ride planned whenever you got and have drinks, rather that’s out and about or over somebody’s house. If you are going to mom’s and dad’s or aunt’s and uncle’s, somebody’s house to hang out for the holidays, then plan on having a safe way to get home.”

Hilton added that having that planned ride before you start drinking increases the chances of you not driving intoxicated, versus not having a planned ride and finding yourself driving while intoxicated.

“We get calls every day almost on people that could possibly be intoxicated drivers, so if you see that definitely call us. You know we have officers out. Most times officers are going to be where the crime happening so that might see it every once in a while,” he said. “We will see one and pull it over and make the stop and say, you know this what we are doing, this why we are investigating this. But, if we are not there, and you see it, call the police and let us know, so we can get the location and hopefully get this person stopped before they hurt somebody.”

Hilton mentioned that with the grant that APD receives through TxDOT they are able to send out more officers during the holiday season to patrol the streets to make sure drivers are obeying the law.

Hilton added that APD will begin to put out PSA about options you have before getting behind the wheel intoxicated. He said that although APD will be taking that step they can’t reach everyone, he encourages the community should also help spread the word.