AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Just weeks after increased property tax appraisals were sent out, Texas voters overwhelmingly passed two property tax relief measures in Saturday’s special election.

Two Texas constitutional amendments, propositions 1 and 2, passed with more than 80% of the vote in the May 7th election.

Prop. 1 will freeze school property tax bills for the elderly and those with disabilities starting in 2023. It will also lower their school property tax bills year after year.

Statewide, 86.91% of voters supported the proposition.

Prop. 2 increases the homestead exemption Texans can take on their school district property taxes from $25,000 to $40,000.

“And that actually does go into effect for 2022. So we’ll start making that adjustment and our records here pretty quick,” said Jeffrey Dagley, the chief appraiser for the Potter-Randall Appraisal District (PRAD).

Dagley said his office is applying that change to reflect the new amount, which will likely be a relief for many after appraisal values increased by 25% on average in Potter and Randall Counties.

“And then we’ll certify that to the tax office to the entities. They will use that new taxable value to calculate their tax rate, and then go through their budget process and then finally, determine what property owners will pay in taxes,” he said.

According to Dagley, homeowners had to have the homestead exemption in 2021 to see the limitation on their taxable value for this year.

“it is important that a property owner have that homestead exemption so that 10% limit on the taxable value could start going into play and so they can get that reduction in the taxable value by 40,000 now for the school portion of their value,” Dagley added.

He said PRAD will not send out new appraisal notices.

“When we initially sent the notice of appraised value we did list had a statement on there to inform the property owner that that proposition was out there and that that change would go into effect automatically if it passed. So we will do that and then you’ll be able to see that eventually on your tax bill.”

84.82% of Texas voters supported Prop. 2.

So, how much relief will property owners get on their tax bill?

“It’s really hard to say at this point because the school district hasn’t set their tax rate yet. So, that’ll be determined later,” Dagley said.

He said after August 7, property owners can go to their county’s tax office website to see the dollar effect of the homestead exemption increase, as well as the proposed rate for the taxing entities.