AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – There are many different factors to consider when caring for potted plants during the winter. So we spoke with Warren Reid, owner of Coulter Gardens and Nursery, to give some important advice on plant care. Here are a few tips that can help keep those plants healthy.

Some of the tips that Reid offered for keeping plants healthy during winter included:

  • Bring all tropicals, also known as houseplants, inside. They cannot survive in temperatures less than 55 degrees.
  • Keep tropicals away from windows during really cold events. Even opening and closing doors when it is less than 20 degrees outside is enough to damage houseplants.
  • Water plants less in the winter. Plants absorb very little water during this time of year, so water them at least once a month to prevent dry freeze.
  • In really cold temperatures, sub 20 degrees, all outside potted plants may be damaged even if they are non-tropicals. Bring them inside to keep their soil temperatures warm.

For some outside plant options, Reid said perennials do great for this time of year in Amarillo. Of course, if they are potted, remember to still bring them inside to keep them out of the extreme cold.

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