AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — This weekend downtown Amarillo will be filled with muralists, musicians, and food vendors as the Hoodoo Mural Festival returns.

Founder of the Hoodoo Mural Festival, Andrew Hall said muralists from all over the world will be coming to Amarillo to share their art.

“This is free public art and we are basically creating this free walkable, bikeable art gallery here in our downtown for everyone in the community to use and people visting to see as well,” said Hall.

Along with highlighting these worldwide talents, Hall added they will also be spotlighting local artists with their community wall.

“We have muralists from around the country but we also want to highlight what our community has to offer, whether its our local wall, we have nine local artists and groups painting their own murals,” said Hall.

One of those local artists is Anna-Kay Reeves, who is painting her first mural this year and is also sharing a little bit of the panhandle’s history as well.

“I choose this subject because it’s relative to the whole community. In the foreground is a portrait of Frenchy McCormick, who is an early pioneer out here in this area. She was a saloon girl at Old Tascosa before it became a ghost town. Kind of a tribute to her and the early women in the area. And then also Comanche riders leading their tribe out of this area, they were one of the last tribes to go to the reservations in Oklahoma,” said Reeves.

Reeves said painting a mural is not like painting on a canvas.

“You cannot do it alone, even if you are doing must of the work by yourself. You got to have support and someone to bring you a water, etc. It’s a lot more community, a lot more connected than just painting by yourself,” said Reeves.

Throughout the week, Hall said local schools have been doing mural tours in downtown Amarillo with over 700 students participating, showing them the possibilities of art.

“These kids are first through fifth grade and they are learning they are only a few years away from being a part of a high school group and they can be artist themselves through our program,” said Hall.

Hall added a lot of hard work and dedication have gone into these murals. He said these artists have been working on their mural nonstop for the last two weeks in preparation for the festival.

Hall said if you still have not purchased your tickets for Hoodoo, you can buy them at the door.