AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The holidays are here, amplifying the needs of the High Plains Food Bank as they work to feed more people.

Executive Director of HPFB, Zack Wilson, said ongoing food supply issues, inflation, and a decrease in donations mean the food bank needs community support to help meet food insecurity needs in our area.

“Whether it be donated, purchased, or through our commodities channel, we’ve just seen everything just rapidly decrease, mostly due to, you know, the area that we’re in right now with higher costs,” said Wilson. “And it’s come at a time where, you know, the need is, is, is growing consistently.”

Wilson said not only are they dealing with empty shelves at the food bank but when food shipments do come in, they are usually gone within the same week. Plus, distribution is more expensive with higher fuel costs.

“But we’re very confident though, coming into the holidays, in the spirit of giving and helping, you know, the generous folks that live in the Texas panhandle to help us step it up once again, to help meet the need that we’re seeing,” said Wilson. “One in six now in the Panhandle, you know, struggle to put food on the table.”

Wilson said they need shelf-stable foods the most, including canned vegetables and soup, cereal, boxed goods, pasts, and more.

“If you want to donate something, if it’s, you know, packaging is sealed, it has a label, bring it to us. We have volunteers that can sort through it and more than likely put it in our distribution so we can send it out.”

He said food and monetary donations are needed.

“One dollar will help us provide 14 meals, which is astronomical compared to what we were able to do three years ago,” Wilson added. “And a lot of it is due to the support and everything that’s resulted through COVID. But that financial support will help us get through and keep going, serving people in the in the Texas panhandle.”

The food bank is also in need of volunteers. Wilson said they are looking for groups of 15 to 25 to help during the week.

“If you’re able to come out during the day, we have Monday through Friday, 8-12:00 and 1-4:00 and then in the evening times, Monday through Thursday, 6-8:00 p.m.”