AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Faith City Mission has been helping people who are without homes, who are dealing with addiction, or facing food insecurity, for more than 70 years.

Executive Director of Faith City Mission Jena Taylor said since 1951, the mission of Faith City has not changed, it’s continued and amplified.

“We feed three meals a day, six days a week. Last year, we feed about 48,000 meals, that’s our job. That’s what we do. But in addition to that, we have other services that are available,” said Taylor.

Taylor talks about some of the other services that Faith City provides:

“We have a program for men and women who get a disability check, they have a slight disability of some sort, whether it’s mental, physical, or emotional. They’re not safe on the street. So we have a program here called Missionite Program. And in that program, they’re able to come live with us, they’re protected by us, and we take care of all their needs. And in return they are a part of the family, we feel they’re a part of our family, and they have chores to do. So somebody’s got to wash 50 sheets every day on those beds every night. So that’s a chore, there’s different chores, that are cleaning, and repairing and that kind of thing. And so they’re part of our family, they’re not here to necessarily get clean and sober there, they don’t have that problem. They just are vulnerable, very vulnerable on the street, then we do have a program to get clean and get our men and women clean and sober. It’s a year long, and it’s free of charge. And so they come in, and they take classes, they go to therapy sessions, there are all kinds of things that within that year, they learn the physiology of the brain when it’s addicted, and how to handle that, how to cope with that how to overcome their addiction. And then after a year, they graduate. And I mean, it’s a huge celebration, because they’ve accomplished this incredible thing. That’s a wonderful thing to be able, you know, to hold on to. And of course, we have an overnight dorm for homeless men to get out of it. They come in, get a shower, eat a good meal, go smoke their cigarette, put their scrubs on and go to bed. And so that’s every night, every single night. And there are 50 beds in that dorm.” said Taylor.

Taylor added after they moved into their new building at 600 N. Tyler St, one thing they were unable to add into the building was an overnight dorm for homeless women and children and Taylor said it is much needed.

“Last year in the point in time count that the city does every year they said there were approximately on any given night 135 women on the street and about 85 women and children on the street and they are hidden, of course, to stay out of danger,” said Taylor.

Taylor said they are looking to raise $1.2 million to build and furnish the women’s wing.

“But we are adamant and the Board of Directors are adamant that we build on a dormitory for overnight women. In other words, it’s an emergency overnight dorm just like the guys, there’s no program attached to it. We’re just trying to keep you safe. Get your meal, the same thing go to bed. And so in this, we have a dorm for single women and we have a dorm for women with their children. Their cribs are there, their rocking chairs are there, in order to take care of this particular population that we’ve not been able to take care of before. So we’re really excited about that particular campaign,” said Taylor.

She said that with this wing, they can connect these women and children to additional services.

“I’m sort of on the battlefield triage and then here I can send them to Martha’s Home, Downtown Women’s Center. There are so many organizations that we work with to take them to the next level that can take them to the next level,” said Taylor.

Taylor said that Faith City Mission does not take any federal funding or grants from the city as they are faith-based and are only donor based, with them receiving some grants from the Amarillo Area Foundation and Bivins Foundation.

Taylor said faith city is always in need of undergarments such as underwear and socks. To find out how to donate, you can visit their website.