AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – On Friday, runners with the Great American Relay are expected to pass by fire stations and training centers in the Amarillo area as a part of the cross-country path from Santa Monica, Calif. to the World Trade Center in New York City.

The Great American Relay organizers described that the run is meant to be a show of solidarity with first responders and military personnel. The race has partnered with an array of charities including the Green Beret Foundation, The Concerns of Police Survivors, and the Firefighter Five Foundation, and schedules stops at multiple historic locations across the country during the route.

According to the published schedule and runner list from the Great American Relay, Friday is expected to see runs passing by 18 relay marks around the Canyon, Amarillo, and broader Texas Panhandle region between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. As listed on the website, those fire stations will include:

  • Canyon Fire Department Station 2
  • Amarillo Fire Station 3
  • Amarillo Fire Station 12
  • Amarillo Fire Station 5
  • Amarillo Central Fire Station
  • Amarillo Fire Station 6
  • Amarillo Fire Station 7
  • Amarillo Fire Training Center

Organizers noted that each stage of the relay has one lead runner to carry the baton, and up to 10 support runners. All runners receive a GAR T-shirt and a souvenir baton. Participating runners for the day in the Canyon and Amarillo areas include:

  • Lead Runners
    • Jennifer Thomas
    • Marquis Whetstone
    • Bianca Higgs
    • Derek Johnson
    • Laura Stepp
    • Acension Fierro
    • Christie Hodge
  • Support Runners
    • Connor Orourke
    • Dennis Burnam
    • Leslie Buford
    • Cynthia Tivis
    • Lisa Galvan
    • Sarah Rushing
    • Ronaldo Garcia
    • Denise Lara
    • Lauren Sirimanodham
    • Kim Rich
    • Isel Venzor
    • Kelsey Reynolds
    • Cletus Mallory
    • Julie Gilbreath
    • P.J. Watts
    • Benjamin Hodge
    • Will Hodge
    • Michael Rogers
    • Sandy Abbe
    • Paul Faulkner
    • Christy Sea
    • Shawna Wilson

The full list of relay stages, maps, runner names, and registration resources can be found on The Great American Relay website. The race is expected to run through Oct. 16.