CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — When Natalie Fuller and her family first saw Cisco and Higgins, they knew the horses were meant to be a part of their family. Cisco and Higgins are rescue horses who were adopted from Dove Creek Equine Rescue.

According to Ali McEwen, Dove Creek’s director of operations and volunteers, when Cisco and Higgins arrived at the rescue, they were in desperate need of help.

“Cisco came in from some really poor conditions,” expressed McEwen. “He was one that came here quite a while back and we thought he had some severe navicular which is a lot of arthritis in the front. We didn’t think that he would be rideable again, so we took him to the vet and got him rehabilitated. Over the years he has just shown that he had a big heart and that he really wanted to do more in life. We had actually adopted him out to another family and it just wasn’t the fit for them. Natalie’s daughter just connected with Cisco and it’s just been a great story from there.”

“Higgins was one of our biggest stories,” McEwen added. “He’s actually near and dear to my heart. He came in on death’s door and it’s one of those things where they either find the will to fight or they are done and we get them to a peaceful place. But he chose to fight and came back. We didn’t know if he would be rideable, but he showed that he was ready, and Natalie and her family have shown an interest in him since day one and it was kind of just meant to be.”

Natalie Fuller, who adopted Cisco and Higgins, said her family found out about the horses via their friends and social media.

“When Higgins came into the facility, we started from the day he was here until we actually got to bring him home,” said Fuller. “We just watched his story and how they brought that guy back to life. They truly saved him. It was amazing.”

According to Fuller, when Cisco met her oldest daughter, Carson, they had an instant bond. The same thing happened when her youngest daughter, Scout, met Higgins. She said Cisco had been adopted in the past, but he wasn’t a match for the previous family.

“The previous family had to return him and it just didn’t work out for them which sometimes that happens you know. So when Carson came and saw Cisco, it was just like they picked each other and it was kind of crazy,” Fuller said.

“We saw Higgins online and we were like he’s a beautiful horse and we wanted to go meet him and we did,” Fuller added. “I went in and he let me pet him, he tolerates it. He lets my oldest daughter pet him. But when my youngest daughter, Scout, walked in, it was the craziest thing. He picked her. He literally hugged her and when I say he gave her a hug, it was like a full hug. He wrapped his head around her and I mean hugged her. He picked her and it was really cool. They kind of pick us,” Fuller said.

According to Fuller, Cisco and Higgins have adjusted to the family’s herd well and they are thriving.

If you are looking to adopt a horse like Cisco or Higgins, you can visit Dove Creek’s website to see the horses they have to offer.

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