FRITCH, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — A Fritch woman said her son and family, who now live in Lake Charles, Louisiana, are thankful to to still have a home after Hurricane Laura.

“Devastation, a lot of people have lost everything, houses, businesses,” said Jeannie Olson, of Fritch.

That is how Olson said her son, Trevor, described the damage that Hurricane Laura inflicted upon the city.

“It’s sad. They said a lot of it is in ruins,” said Olson.

Olson said Trevor, his wife Kaylyn, and their two kids are doing well despite not having water and electricity, only sustaining a lot of wind damage around their home.

“Thankfully they have not lost their home. They were far enough up and over that they just had a lot of wind damage that sheared off trees and their trees were far enough away from the house. They just lost everything around their house, not their house,” said Olson.

In an effort to help out her son and his family, Olson recently posted on Facebook that she is gathering supplies to take to her son and his family in Lake Charles this weekend.

The Fritch community responded immediately, wanting to help.

“I’ve had several people collecting things and they’ll let me know. I’ve already had people drop off stuff at the house. It’s great to know that you live in a community that they share in your everything. Your heartaches, your celebrations, your everything,” said Olson.

For more information on how to help out, you can message Jeannie on her Facebook page here.