Former AISD educators serving on the Amarillo ISD Board of Trustees

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — In the recent May Municipal elections, Amarillo residents voted for many races, including positions for the Amarillo ISD Board of Trustees. Following the election, two of the current AISD Trustees are also former AISD educators.

These individuals include Doyle Corder and Kimberly Anderson.

“I always wanted to be a high school choir director or band director, and that’s what I went to school for, and then met my wife who also wanted to teach music so that worked perfect for us. We both got degrees in music education to do that,” said Corder.

Corder was first appointed to the AISD Board of Trustees, back in the middle of the 2019-2020 school year. However, his involvement with the school district dates much further back.

“2011 was, I think, the first year that I started, like on a regular basis and getting paid and that kind of thing, working for Amarillo High with Mr. Collins,” explained Corder. However, even before he began getting paid by AISD as an employee, Corder shared that when his oldest son was attending Amarillo High, he found some opportunities to volunteer.

He continued, “So they asked me to come and volunteer, and then they had an instructor that was great percussion instructor that left to move back to his home. And they came to me and said, Okay, how much- how much time can you give? How much can you do?”

However, Corder is no longer formally employed by AISD and has shifted his focus to ministry.

“I love church work. I’m called to it and I love it, but that foot in the community and just being with kids and help them and teach them music. I absolutely love it,” said Corder.

As for Kimberly Anderson, her career as an elementary school teacher began in 2004. Following these initial years in education, Anderson left the district for a little while, but returned to AISD in 2018 when an opportunity approached her.

“I taught kindergarten in 2018-2019 while I was running to be on the school board, so that was a really interesting experience. I absolutely loved teaching the littles and education,” said Anderson.

She continued to explain that part of her call to education was as an advocate.

“Being in the classroom again, really kind of reinforced that. Well, I loved being there with my kids and with my my colleagues, and it just kind of reminded me of some of the issues that surround education and have surrounded education for decades,” said Anderson.

Additionally, both Anderson and Corder believe that their backgrounds and insight from within the classrooms can be beneficial to the AISD Board of Trustees.

Anderson explained, “I know what happens in the in the classroom, I know the minutiae, of everyday workings of a classroom. And my perspective is one that I can see the high level, but I can also see how that impacts the day to day operations in a classroom.”

Corder added, “For me, being in classrooms to know what our facilities are like, to know what our staffing is like, to know how the kids are responding to certain situations, to know what our buses are like, or our bus companies like has been good insight for me. Working with other teachers has been helpful to me.”

Additionally, Anderson stated that she believes this diversity will only continue to strengthen the board.

“I love the diversity of experience and thought on our board, because every single person on that brings a different perspective, a different lived experience and different expertise, that makes us strong,” said Anderson.

Corder was recently re-elected for a four year term as a trustee on the board on May 1, 2021. As for Anderson, her term as an AISD Trustee began in 2019 and will expire in 2023.

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