Guymon Police calling for evacuation after fire is nearing northwest part of town

GUYMON, Ok (KAMR/KCIT) — UPDATE: (2:55 p.m.) Texas County Emergency Management said those who were evacuated South of 24th St and west of Sunset are allowed to go back to their homes, however, the areas North of 24th Street are not allowed back at this time.

Officials say as of 2 p.m. Thursday, the Cobb Fire has burned about 10,000 acres, is 25% contained, and has burned two structures.

According to Texas County EM, there are still active fire spots north of Guymon to north of Goodwell. Teams from Beaver and Cimarron counties and a task force from the Forestry Department are assisting Texas County Fire Personnel with the fire. Additionally, a strike team from Logan county is on the way to aid as well.

Officials with the Guymon Police Department are calling for residents on the northwest side of town to evacuate after a fire is heading towards that area.

via Oklahoma Forestry Services Facebook page

According to a Facebook post made by the Guymon Police Department, the fire is progressing east across Road 22 and there is an evacuation order in place for residents in the northwest parts of the city. No evacuation order is in place for the entire city as of this writing.

Officials with Texas County Emergency Management states that residents of Guymon west of Sunset Lane and County Road 30 are requested to evacuate to the north or south of Guymon to avoid the path of the fire. Other residents of Guymon are urged to be alert regarding further evacuation instructions issued by law enforcement and emergency responders.

According to the post, evacuees can go to the following locations:

  • Victory Center at NW 5th and N Quinn;
  • Connection Church at 1901 N Lelia.

Fires in Pampa burn homes, causes displacement of indivdiuals

PAMPA, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — UPDATE: (3:54 p.m.) Dustin Miller, Public Information Officer for the City of Pampa, said that all fires inside pampa are under control as of 3:50 p.m.

The City of Pampa has released the latest information it has on the ongoing fire. According to the city, six homes and two other structures were involved with the fire and there are no injuries reported at this time.

The city said that out of an abundance of caution several people were asked to leave their homes as a precautionary measure, though an official evacuation order has not been issued.

The city said Lefors and Hoover are assisting the Pampa Fire Department and Groom and Mobeetie are on their way to assist.

Original Report: The Pampa Fire Department reported multiple fires across the city that have burned at least three homes and caused evacuations in some parts of the area.

A command center has been set up, said officials, off of Highway 60 and Cuyler behind a local church. The fires have been focused around the south and southeast areas of town.

Grassfire ongoing south of Moore County, named ‘Corsino Fire’; 35 acres, 100% contained

MOORE COUNTY, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – Around noon Wednesday, officials reported that crews were sent to a grassfire just south of the Moore County line.

The Corsino Fire, as named by officials, was estimated to cover around 35 acres and be around 100% contained as of 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. Officials with the Texas A&M Forest Service said that the fire’s progression forward has been stopped.

Grassfire on McCormick Road ‘under control’

RANDALL COUNTY, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – The Randall County Fire Department reported that the grassfire in the 2300 block of McCormick Road has been brought under control.

Fire reported west of Goodwell

TEXAS COUNTY, Okla. (KAMR/KCIT) – Fire department personnel were reported as responding to a grass fire west of Goodwell in Texas County. Often cited as due to extreme winds, the High Plains has seen multiple fires, overturned semi-trucks, and power outages through Wednesday.

Parker Creek Fire reported south of Channing, near Hartley County, Oldham County line; est. 11,066 acres, 95% contained

CHANNING, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Update (8:47 p.m.) the Texas Wildfire Incident Response System reported the Parker Creek fire is 95% contained as of 6:25 p.m. Thursday.

Update (4:34) Officials with the Texas A&M Forest Service announced at 4:30 p.m. Thursday that the Parker Creek Fire has now burned 11,066.83 acres and is 90% contained. They said the increase in acreage is due to more accurate mapping.

Update (2:52 p.m.) Officials with the Texas A&M Forest Service provided an update on the Parker Creek Fire at 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon, stating that the fire is an estimated 7,000 acres and 90% contained.

“Today, crews will work to construct more direct line, working along the fire’s edge,” the tweet said

Update (3:40 p.m.) Officials with the Texas A&M Forest Service stated that the Parker Creek fire has increased to an estimated 3,500 acres and is 45% contained. Forward progression has slowed but has not stopped according to Texas A&M. Crews said they are preparing for a wind shift in the evening.

Officials state that the fire is currently 14 miles long and a half a mile wide.

Update: The Moore County, Texas Emergency Management said that mandatory evacuations are underway for the areas of S. County Line RD to W Road X.

via Moore County, Texas Emergency Management Facebook page

Crews are responding to a fire south of Channing near the Hartley County and Oldham County line Wednesday morning.

Officials with the Hartley County Sheriff’s Office said the fire started near a gravel pit. Around 1 p.m., officials with the Texas A&M Forest Service stated they were responding to a request for assistance in the Parker Creek Fire. Officials stated that the fire is an estimated 2,500 acres and is 5% contained. A tweet from the forest service states that heavy equipment is actively engaged in constructing a containment line

Around noon on Wednesday, the Oldham County Sheriff’s Office reported that 285 Northbound at Boys Ranch Pit was closed due to the fire, and encouraged the community to avoid the area.

Texas A&M Forest Service responding to request for assistance in Carson County; est. 23,810 acres, 65% contained

North 207 Fire – provided by the Texas A&M Forest Service

CARSON COUNTY, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Update: (10:15 a.m.) The Texas A&M Forest Service provided an update on Dec. 17 stating that the North 207 Fire is 80% contained and no smoke is being seen from the area.

(5:50 p.m.) The Texas A&M Forest Service provided an update on the North 207 Fire in Carson County Thursday, stating that the fire is estimated at 23,810 acres and is 65% contained.

(2:48 a.m.) The Texas A&M Forest Service provided an update on the North 207 Fire in Carson County through Twitter at 2 p.m. Thursday, stating that the fire is estimated at 23,810 acres and is 50% contained.

“Fire behavior diminished throughout the night, providing firefighters the opportunity to make progress on containing the fire,” the tweet read.

Officials with the Amarillo Fire Department also announced that a team from the department will be sent to the North 207 Fire Thursday as an Emergency Medical Task Force.

Update: (9:22 p.m.) The Texas A&M Forest Service said the North 207 Fire in Carson County is estimated at 15,000 acres and is 9% contained. Dozers are making good progress and forward progression has been stopped according to Texas A&M Forest Service.

(6:55 p.m.) The City of Skellytown said the evacuation has been lifted in Skellytown and it is safe to return home. Highway 152 is still closed and will likely remain closed for a while.

(6:27) The Texas A&M Forest Service is reporting the North 207 fire in Carson County is an estimated 15,000 acres and 9% contained. All crews are engaged in constructing containment lines and working to contain the fire.

(4:34 p.m.) The Texas A&M Forest Service is reporting that the North 207 fire is estimated at 4,000 acres and 0% contained. Officials state that the fire has crossed Highway 152 in multiple locations.

(3:49 p.m.) The City of Skellytown reports on its Facebook page that, per the mayor, the town is under an order to evacuate towards Pampa and White Deer. The city said White Deer ISD has opened their cafeteria for those that need a place to go.

(3:44 p.m.) Officials with the Amarillo office of the National Weather Service said that the North 207 fire is spreading near Skellytown. Officials state that Skellytown residents should be “alert for potential instructions from local officials.”

The Texas A&M Forest Service reports it is responding to a request for assistance in Carson County on what it is calling the North 207 Fire.

The fire is currently estimated at 1,500 acres and is 0% contained according to Texas A&M Forest Service.

(Dec. 16, 12:16 p.m.) The Mobeetie Fire Department released a video on social media showing its efforts to help firefighters in the Skellytown area.

Additional fire in the Borger area, according to city officials

BORGER, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — UPDATE: (3:42 p.m.) According to the City of Borger/Hutchinson County OEM, the fire is contained and fire crews are remaining in the area.

Officials from the city of Borger and the Hutchinson County Office of Emergency Management are reporting a fire in the area of Wilkson and Alpine.

Texas A&M Forest Service responded to 5 wildfires Wednesday

TEXAS (KAMR/KCIT) — Texas A&M Forest Service and Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS) reports that its firefighters responded to five wildfires yesterday, three large and still active, for an estimated 23,055 acres burned including the still-burning North 207 Fire in Carson County, the Parker Creek Fire in Oldham County and the Belcher Complex in Wichita County.

According to Texas A&M Forest Service, wildfires across the panhandle exhibited extreme fire behavior yesterday due to high wind speeds. The wildfires moved quickly across the landscape and were difficult to control prompting firefighters to use more defensive tactics.

“We expected wildfire ignitions to occur under these extreme conditions, and preemptively moved personnel and equipment to areas of concern,” said Wes Moorehead, Texas A&M Forest Service Fire Chief.

“Life safety, of both the public and first responders, will always be the number one priority,” said Moorehead. “All personnel involved demonstrated teamwork and coordination for a quick, effective, and safe response.”

Current conditions and wildfire outlook can be found here.

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