UPDATE: 10:00 p.m.

The Cimarron County Sheriff’s Office reports that crews remain on the scene for fire watch and to address areas that are still flaring up overnight and into the morning. The sheriff’s office said that as of 8:29 p.m. there was a limited number of homes that were contacted in person and no further evacuation requests were made at that time.

Update (8:15 p.m.)

Officials from the Cimarron County Sheriff’s Office said on a Facebook post that evacuees from the ongoing fire are being directed to the First Baptist Church located in Boise City.

Update (8:08 p.m.)

Officials from the Cimarron County’s Sheriff’s Office said that the fire is still significant in size. The fire remains along Highway 287 and first responders are working to get the fire under control.

Original Story:

CIMARRON COUNTY, O.K. (KAMR/KCIT) — Area first responders are responding to a fire in Cimarron County, according to officials from the county’s sheriff’s office. Officials from the National Weather Service said the wildfire is spreading rapidly to the northeast.

Officials said the fire is located along Highway 287 west of Guymon. First responders are on scene as the fire continues to burn. Officials said emergency managers from the county called the National Weather Service in Amarillo regarding a fire warning and evacuation notice.

According to a tweet from the National Weather Service office in Amarillo, officials said that people located in southeast Cimarron County, west of Griggs, should be prepared to evacuate due to the fire.

“Follow all safety instructions from local emergency management officials,” the tweet read.