CANYON, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Canyon Elk Lodge #2887 donated $2,000 to Fill With Hope.

Fill With Hope is a local nonprofit organization that helps provide for children in elementary, middle and high school. The donation will be used to continue to fill Hope Totes.

Hope Totes are distributed every weekend throughout the school year and contain food items like peanut butter, animal crackers, fruit bars, beef sticks and more, according to the Fill with Hope website.

“It’s such a tremendous blessing I’ve tried to tell each of them with what a blessing for us,” said Cindy Sheets, Executive Director for Canyon Hope Ministries-Fill With Hope. “Each of our bags are three dollars and seventy five cents, so very quickly we did some fast math to see how many children we’d help so 533 bags, absolutely incredibly gift.”

The donation was made possible after Canyon Elk Lodge #2887 submitted a proposal to their national headquarters to share the needs of the community. Members of Canyon Elk Lodge shared they want to help kids and veterans.

“We’re about children, we’re about veterans about helping the community,” said Stephanie Parker Canyon Elk Lodge 2887 member. “We want everyone in the community to work together so we can all live a happy life. The canyon elks are there to help anybody and everybody that needs help.”

The Hope Totes are put together by volunteers comprised of members of the community from all walks of life. Fill With Hope posts about packing dates, fundraisers and other ways to get involved on their website.