HEMPHILL COUNTY, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Texas A&M Forest Service said the forward progression of the fire has stopped on the “Canadian River Bottom” fire that started in Hemphill County yesterday afternoon and spread into Roberts County.

TFS said it has estimated the fire has burned 30,000 acres and is currently 20% contained. No injuries have been reported.

George Bryant, The Hemphill County Judge said that they know of at least three homes that were destroyed in the fire, including the home of Larry and DeLois Risley which was south of Canadian and west of US 83 on County Road 7.

MyHighPlains.com heard from their daughter-in-law, Reagan Risley, who helped them to get out safely before her family evacuated their own home nearby.

“So my husband and I and my son all were at their house trying to get vehicles out of their barns and trying to get horses and bottle calves and feeder calves out to try to get down the road to his dad’s place,” said Risley.

As the fire pushed closer to their home, Regan Risley said her mother and father-in-law, Larry and DeLois Risley, were told they needed to evacuate quickly.

With high winds and six to seven vehicles and trailers to move, saving belongings in their home was impossible.

“The only thing they were able to get out of their house at that time because the fire was moving so fast, were their dogs and a few sets of clothes, and they’ve lost everything,” she said.

Everything but their lives.

“Lots of memories lost. But you know, they do. They are well, and they did not get hurt. And none of the rest of us got hurt,” she said.

After getting their in-laws out safely, Risley turned her attention to saving her home and animals that were two miles away.

“We figured our house was gone. But when I got home from school, I started sprinklers before I headed to my in-law’s house and they said that the sprinklers and the water saved our house. It went in a complete circle around our house, but I think it was just adrenaline and trying to make sure everybody was safe as well,” she continued.

Although Risley’s house was saved, her family lost hundreds of bales of hay and miles of fencing, but she said the Canadian Community has rallied to help those in need.

“We’re just so appreciative of everybody and I’m certainly appreciative of our volunteer fire department. In just to be volunteers and leaving their home”

Risley said their friends have donated hay and helped with their horses. She also said there is a fund set up at Happy State Bank to help her in-laws.