AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The rain in Amarillo has made a brief pause in the last couple of days but the excessive rain and flooding that has taken place these past weeks has left a major impact on businesses and homes across the area.

One local business, South Georgia Laundry, had to close its doors on June 2 due to water reaching the business’s front door.

“Well, it came on, came close to the building once, and then receded. And then we got a late shower the next night because it didn’t get pumped out and didn’t come out of the street. It filled up even farther. And then it did it again, the same thing. And every time, the pumps weren’t working down here at all. So, it just would recede on its own for whatever reason, and then fill it right back to the top,” said JB Andrews co-owner of South Georgia Laundry.

Christine Andrews, co-owner of South Georgia Laundry said that it has been over a week since they closed their doors she and her husband along with their employees have not made any money.

Well, we’re earning zero money, nobody’s putting quarters in our machines, and nobody can get to our business to drop off laundry to be done. So we still have loan payments, we still have utility bills, and we don’t have any income,” said Christine.

JB said that through these circumstances that he and his wife along with other neighboring business owners have experienced these past few days communication between all of them has grown stronger.

“I think the neighboring businesses, we’ve stayed fairly close. We had a lot of communication. We haven’t been the owners that long here. And this kind of brought everybody together,” said JB.

He added that because of the strong communication taking place with neighboring businesses, everyone can stay informed.

“This morning, I got a text from a real close friend that owns a business just around the corner here that the pumps were on, which is the first time since all of this started that they were running because they got the four-mile pipeline put in I guess with the auxiliary pumps on Lawrence,” said JB.

The Andrews couple spoke at the City of Amarillo council meeting on Thursday about the problems they are currently facing. After the city council meeting, Mayor Cole Stanley did get their contact information. According to Christine, Stanley has reached out to keep the Andrews informed on resources for them and their employees.

Christine said that she and the employees of the laundry mat have been to the Multi-Agency Resource Center for resources but no one has heard anything back. She added that she understands that it is a process and just hopes to get some relief.

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