AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — As temperatures rise ahead of the summer months, the moth population is increasing.

While moths typically are not dangerous they can be a nuisance. Officials with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension explained why moths are emerging.

“They emerge in large populations from wheat areas, wheat fields and grassy areas,” said Jose Santiago Gonzalez, Assistant Professor and extension entomologist. “Majority of the times they emerge in large numbers and because they are adapted to cold weathers, they are migrating from this area. They go north to the Rocky Mountains, looking for a more suitable environment.”

According to Gonzalez, there is no reason for concern, and this is part of the moth life cycle. Gonzalez shared that during this time of year, moths emerge in high numbers and migrate to a suitable environment. In the fall some of the population may return.

“In the fall they will lay eggs around this area, mate and die,” said Gonzalez. In the spring they will start feeding more and more as the temperatures rise.

According to Gonzalez and Bugs Burney Pest Control, exclusion is the best technique to decrease moth populations in homes and buildings.

“Sanitation around the yard, rake up a bunch of the leaves and a little bit of berry around your flowerbeds and stuff,” said Bruce Burney. “Because it gives them places to harbor, they’ll harbor around the woodchips, around all kinds of places around the house. Try not to put as much lighting around the house because they’re going to be attracted to the light at night. And that’s where they’re going to go to.”

Burney added that if there are places in your home that need caulking it’s best to address the issues to stop moths from getting indoors.

If people choose to spray their homes, it could provide a temporary solution.

“Sometimes there’s not a whole lot you can do even if even if you sprayed,” said Burney. “That doesn’t mean that within a couple of weeks, they’re just back as heavy as they were.”

Officials with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Bugs Burney Pest Control both said the moth emerging should not last long.

“Everything is fine, this is a normal cyclic pattern of the insect,” said Gonzalez. “I have seen that they are decreasing in the population. So, in the next upcoming weeks, we should not be seeing new instances of pest.”