DUMAS, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Dumas law enforcement is on the lookout for people who could be targeting local students for the sale of Percocet.

“The deal with the Percocet or anything with the drugs or the pills is something that we’ve been alarmed about,” said Dumas Police Department Police Chief Ray Resendez.

Chief Resendez said they are looking for information regarding people possibly targeting local high school and junior high school students for the sale of Percocet.

This came from a tip they received.

“What’s important is that the community was asked to help us and to call in anything suspicious or anything they saw. They did that,” said Chief Resendez.

Chief Resendez said they are taking action to prevent this from happening.

“We have obviously upped our patrols in any of the areas where the kids might hang out or have lunch. We are in contact with the Dumas ISD police and we try our best to patrol those areas,” said Chief Resendez.

Chief Resendez says what’s making the issue even more concerning is the recent rise in fentanyl-related cases, which Percocet can be laced with sometimes.

“We keep telling the community that it’s very dangerous to take any pill because one pill can kill you. We take them very serious. Every tip that we get, we look into. We don’t ignore any tips and we appreciate all the information that the citizens have given us,” said Chief Resendez.

Chief Resendez adds that parents just having a conversation with their kids about drugs can be a big help as well.

“Don’t be afraid to bring up tough subjects like drug use. Let them know it’s very dangerous of what they’re taking but if you see a difference in your children, talk to them and just be open and converse with them,” said Chief Resendez.

Chief Resendez says the department is grateful for the community’s help in all of this.

If you have a tip that could be helpful for the Moore County Crime Stoppers in this matter, you can call them at 806-935-8477 or submit a tip online here.