DUMAS, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The Dumas Fire Department will soon have some new equipment to help them fight area fires.

“We’ve actually been looking at this for several years,” said Ronald Pray, City of Dumas Fire Chief & Fire Marshal.

Chief Pray is referring to a new tower ladder.

“It’s a 101 foot Rosenbauer King Cobra. We’re going to be getting it pretty soon here from South Dakota and should be able to put it into service very shortly after we get it and get trained on it,” said Chief Pray.

Chief Pray said the ladder will allow them to reach certain places on area structures that were not possible with their current truck.

“We’ve gotten some motels and hotels in the last 20 years since that truck was purchased that have exceeded four stories. To get up on the roof and all that creates some issues with setbacks from the building and placement from the ladder. This truck will add some more distance,” said Chief Pray.

It can be utilized in hazmat situations.

“There’s cases where you got to put a lot of water on a hazmat incident such as cooling tank cars or other things like that. Although that they’re rare, we do have that capability to where we could do that,” said Chief Pray.

It can also be operated by one person, which Chief Pray said helps them save on manpower.

“That individual can set the truck up and actually operate it from the ground with a remote control and not actually have multiple firefighters to assist him in using the truck. So with shortages of staffing, sometimes we can’t get volunteers in or everyone is working, at least we have some more capabilities with that,” said Chief Pray.

Chief Pray said he hopes to have the truck here in a few weeks and have training done on it by the end of the month.

He also adds that they plan to have a push-in ceremony for it sometime in April.