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Drought Index Prevents Randall County From Banning Certain Fireworks

A ban on certain fireworks was looked at in Randall County today but officials are unable to put the ban in place.

Randall County Judge Ernie Houdashell says, "It's a yearly thing and even more so this year because we are in serious drought conditions but according to state law you have to go by some formula and they have a threshold on moisture and we didn't meet it today so we were not able to ban any of the fin rockets." 

To ban fireworks the county needed to meet a measurement on the drought index of 575.

Currently, Randall County is at 530, according to Fire Chief James Amerson.

He tells us, the ban would've only gotten rid of certain fireworks as it is.    

Randall County Fire Chief James Amerson says, "It only bans certain types of fireworks and so there will be fireworks in the county either way and it bans the type, anything with fins, rockets with fins, so there will still be fireworks and we will still be ready to take care of any issues that come up." 

Potter County banned "skyrockets with sticks" and "missiles with fins" just yesterday.

Judge Houdashell says even though Randall County officials were unable to, he hopes people will use good judgment.

Randall County Judge Houdashell says, "Just one bottle rocket in the wrong place can get a fire started that could kill some people and do a lot of damage so it is serious business. I would encourage everyone, if you are going to shoot fireworks this year, please be careful."

Chief Amerson wants to also remind residents that it is illegal to shoot off fireworks on county roads.

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