LUBBOCK, Texas — The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals on Wednesday agreed to hear the Thomas Michael Dixon capital murder case.  

Dr. Dixon was convicted in Lubbock for the 2012 shooting and stabbing death of Dr. Joseph Sonnier.  Prosecutors did not say Dixon was the triggerman.  Instead, they made the case the Dixon paid David Shepard to do it.  

Dr. Dixon of Amarillo and Dr. Sonnier of Lubbock both had an interest in the same woman.  Prosecutors claimed that was Dixon’s motive. Dixon claimed he was innocent. 

Shepard is serving a life sentence.  Dixon is out on bond because the appeals court in late 2018 set aside the conviction.

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the State District Court in Lubbock violated Dixon’s right to a public trial and cell phone records were confiscated without a proper search warrant. 

In February, prosecutors wrote a “petition for discretionary review” to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.  Basically, prosecutors want the 7th Circuit ruling tossed out. 

Defense attorneys wrote a response – urging against the review.  On Wednesday, the court docket indicated the review would be granted.  That does not mean the prosecutors won.  Instead, it means the high court will review the ruling of the 7th Circuit. No specific timeline was listed in the court docket. 

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