“Don’t judge a book by its’ cover”: The art of book folding with Gigi’s Bookfolding

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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – In 2018, Sabrina Melton was looking for a way to alleviate stress. Particularly, a new hobby.

“We were at a craft show, my husband and I, and we bought a book that someone had at the craft show. And we were going through a hard time and I was looking for something to kind of get my mind off of what we were going through,” explained owner of Stratford resident, Sabrina Melton.

After purchasing the book, Melton found what she had been looking for and soon picked up the hobby of book folding. Unlike some who partake in the hobby with a machine, Melton shared that she prefers to detail the designs by hand.

As she described the process, Melton stated, “I have to pick its’ pattern. It depends on what the pattern is. And I go through, pick the number of pages that I need. I go through and mark the book. And then I have to draw out the pattern, and then I go through and cut the book and go back through it and fold the book.”

While some designs only take a few hours or a few days, Melton explained that some take more time.

“The Guardian Angel was the book that took me the longest to do. It took me, oh, around a month of working probably eight to 10 hours a day to finish and it had a meaning. It was, you know, someone watching over you all the time,” said Melton.

This book, however, was not the only book that was created with a meaningful purpose behind it.

“The military books I’ve done… I don’t know how many, because the military people that have given their lives for this country are- it’s just, you know, it means a lot to me.” Melton continued, “I’ve done the books for the police officers, the firefighters. I don’t know how many I’ve done of those, too.”

When it comes to the “Why?” behind her unique hobby, Melton shared that she hopes people can understand that she is repurposing the books.

“I have libraries donate books to me, because if they don’t, once a library is through using a book, they send them off to recycling and then the book gets destroyed. And I get some of my books from thrift stores, and if they’re not bought, then they’re destroyed. So people don’t understand that. I repurpose the book and they’re- to me, they’re works of art,” said Melton.

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