LUBBOCK and HEREFORD, Texas – Police in Hereford provided details on a stabbing Thursday in the 700 block of South Avenue K.

“Officers discovered a male victim with multiple stab wounds to the head, back and leg,” police said. He was airlifted to Northwest Texas Hospital in Amarillo with serious injuries. Officers found someone identified as a suspect still on scene, police added.

“It was determined an approximately 40-year-old male had hidden in the attic of the original apartment where the stabbing took place,” police said. Officers from the Hereford Police Department, the Deaf Smith County Sheriff’s Department and Texas Game Warden were on the scene “calling out to the suspect to come down from the attic.”

Police stated, “After the suspect attempted to exit the roof of the apartment building, he later surrendered without further incident to law-enforcement.”

The suspect suffered serious injuries from stab wounds to the face and neck and was flown to a Lubbock hospital for medical attention, police said.

The incident remains under investigation.

The Hereford Police posted a press release on their Facebook page.