HEREFORD, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) – The Hereford Police Department announced that warning signs and enforced towing areas were recently established around the Hereford High School area due to “continued parking issues” around neighborhood streets and driveways.

According to the police department, parking violations in the designated areas, including on the west side of Avenue F and down Austin Avenue and Bowie Street, will be enforced by towing vehicles instead of by citations.

“It is our goal to keep the area clear of student vehicles because it blocks residential driveways, blocks mailboxes, and prevents emergency personnel from passing through the streets in case of emergencies,” said the Hereford PD announcement, and asked that students make sure they are not parking within a designated tow zone in the area.

The police department and Hereford Independent School District also noted that they have 52 available parking spaces for students.

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