Editor’s Note: MyHighPlains.com has taken out some of the details of this story from our sister station in Lubbock that MyHighPlains.com has not been able to verify.

LUBBOCK, Texas — Dalhart sophomore Yahir Cancino’s organ donation will save the lives of five people, University Medical Center told KAMC News on Tuesday.

Cancino died on Friday after suffering an injury during Dalhart High School’s Thursday night football game.

His community said they hope his death will give new life as they mourn, and University Medical Center said his example can be an inspiration to others to make the same choice.

“It’s always needed. There’s never enough,” University Medical Center’s nursing director Emily Garcia said. “I always see organ donation as sunrise, sunset. I may be dying, but I can donate my organs, so what is my sunset can be somebody else’s sunrise. We just have to be willing to give it up.”

On Monday night, Yahir’s teammates, family, and friends gathered for an “Honor Walk,” a commemorative procession that hospitals across the country give to organ donors to honor their gift. His community gave their final goodbyes down a long hallway as his body was walked into the operating room.

Yahir is the 17th organ donor of 2022 at UMC. Those donors have given 53 organs, each person benefiting at least one other patient on a long waiting list. But UMC said the need is still great.

“Some of the patients I’ve seen have been waiting for a decade,” Garcia said.

Yahir’s family hopes his community can emulate his generosity in life and in death.

“I hope we make some things happen in the future to honor him, different charities we can organize, even kind acts day to day,” Yahir’s father Isaac Hernandez said. “Everything that you do, do it in Christ’s name and honor him with your actions. Because I believe he would love that.”

You can register as an organ donor at www.donatelifetexas.org.

“You can’t take it with you when you go,” Garcia said.