This story may feature details that some readers may find disturbing.

TEXICO, N.M. (KAMR/KCIT) — Two Curry County residents were recently charged via criminal complaint in Curry County Magistrate Court on 23 counts relating to child abuse, surrounding incidents that were reported and observed by New Mexico’s Children, Youth and Families Department in July.

According to documents filed Monday, 37-year-old Jayme L. Kushman and 29-year-old Jaime Kay Sena were both charged via criminal complaint in Curry County on 21 counts of “Child Abuse – Intentional (No Death or Great Bodily Harm), one count of “Conspiracy to Commit Abuse of a Child (Does Not Result in Death or Great Bodily Harm) and one count of “Obstructing Investigation of Child Abuse.”

The charges for both Kushman and Sena allegedly abused four children, ranging from the ages of 5 to 14, at their home in Texico. Through home visits, interviews, a Child Protective Services Intake Report, as well as searches of the home and of electronics, investigators with the New Mexico State Police, along with the Children, Youth and Families Department, found alleged proof of the child abuse.

The criminal complaint alleges that both Kushman and Sena abused four children, ages 5, 6, 11 and 14, by allegedly chaining their ankles to their beds as well as torturing, starving and abusing the children. However, the documents released details that six children were under the care of both Kushman and Sena during this time period.

In the affidavit for the arrest warrant for both Kushman and Sena, officials detail interviews that were conducted with the six kids, as well as details noted during a home visit, conducted on July 22 in Texico. According to the documents, officials released details on the kids being chained to their beds, as well as being hit with a paddle or is chained “if (any of the chidlren) steals food… or scream that they are hungry.”

Officials also detailed the status of the Texico house, which officials described as having a urine odor. They described that the house had no running water and the sewage was “backed up.”

After conducting the house visit, and conducting interviews with the children, officials obtained a search warrant for the home, which officials conducted on August 1. During this search, officials obtained multiple chains, keys, padlocks, paddles and a camera.

Officials also seized Kushman and Sena’s cell phones, where officials found more than 15 videos which allegedly showed one of the kids being abused. One video, officers described, was of a child being “smothered in his own vomit by Kushman on his bed,” along with multiple videos of that same child being tortured after crying that he is starving.

Kushman and Sena were both booked into the Curry County Jail on Monday, according to court documents.