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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Thanks to a policy change by the Texas Department of Agriculture, it just got a little bit easier for low-income seniors to apply for the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP).

Before, when seniors applied for CSFP benefits, they had to provide their name, age, address and household income. Now, there is no requirement to prove income.

“If there’s ever a question or you know, we think you might be borderline, we may request that you bring a bank statement or get us a copy of your social security letter when you can, but it’s no longer a requirement that is mandated by the state to provide that physical documentation to be enrolled in the program,” said High Plains Food Bank Communications and Marketing Manager, Tina Brohlin.

Brohlin said applicants are now able to self-declare their income, a change which will go into effect immediately.

“Most seniors that are living on a fixed income, they know exactly what they make. They can tell you what their monthly income is, and now it just eliminates the need for that extra piece of paper, that extra form that may be a barrier to them going home with a food box that day,” said Brohlin.

Brohlin told us this policy change will make it easier for seniors to get the nutrition they need.

“We’re really thrilled about this change. We know that it may not help hundreds or thousands of seniors, but it’s going to make a huge difference to that one senior who drove across town or got a ride and made a special trip out to get some help with the CSFP programs,” added Brohlin.

The High Plains Food Bank is providing food boxes to at least 1,100 seniors each month but they expect that number to grow.

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Now seniors only need to self-declare their income and prove their ID in order to walk away with a box of food the same day.

The High Plains Food Bank is still asking for proxies to pick up food boxes for seniors. You can help them distribute more boxes. For details and the food bank’s entire distribution list, click here.

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