AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Like a number of different art studios, Create Healing Art Studio here in Amarillo offers classes for everyone from toddlers to the elderly.

“Art encompasses so many different things, not just painting. It can be writing. It can be journaling. It can be your little doodles here and there,” said Kandace Mell, Creating Healing Art Studio Owner.

But Create Healing Art offers something beyond that as well.

“So we focus on child trauma and family trauma. Our goal is to provide an outlet for people, so that they can use it towards healing through self-expression. We offer one on one classes. We have groups. We have lots of activities that go around that,” said Mell.

After working for several years as an advocate for CASA and the Department of Family Protective Services, Mell started the studio after noticing a need for providing an outlet that wasn’t just therapy or counseling.

“While those are great options, a lot of them are really backed up. I just wanted something that was accessible to people that they could just come in and get out of the way and feel better or they could come in and we could give them the tools to help themselves when they started feeling that low point in their lives,” said Mell.

Mell knows first-hand about the impact this can have, having dealt with it herself.

“I had a lot of childhood trauma myself growing up and I always leaned into art. It was forever like a hobby. I would scribble and no one ever saw me do it for years. So knowing that I can just take a load off of somebody or help them have an easier day, help them focus better at work or be happier when they get home instead of being stressed out. It just feels great,” said Mell.

Mell said they are also in the process of working on a program to go out and work with area veterans and senior citizens in assisted living.

If you would like to learn more about Create Healing Art Studio, click here.