LYONS, N.Y. (WROC) — A former Sunray police chief was sentenced Friday for his role in a double murder in Wayne County last fall.

Timothy Dean was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Dean sat motionless and stared straight ahead in court Friday while family members of the victims, Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn, called him a monster and a coward.

“Justice has been served and we are just grateful that we do not have to see Timothy Dean again, and we can just continue to move on continue to heal and keep doing our best for Josh and Amber,” said Angie Van Haller, Amber Washburn’s sister.

Dean was convicted of first degree murder and second degree murder in May. The jury also found him guilty of conspiracy and two counts of criminal possession of a firearm.

“Mr. Dean you are certainly a classic psychopath, you’ve never shown one bit of emotion in this courtroom, not once guilt or remorse,” said Judge Daniel Barrett. “I really wonder what goes on in your head if you have any sense of a conscience you’ve got to be haunted by what you’ve done.”

Dean was found guilty of conspiring with Charlene Childers, and Bron Bohlar, a former police colleague in Sunray, Texas, to carry out the crime. Childers and Bohlar accepted plea deals on lesser charges, and testified against Dean during the trial.

Prosecutors argued that Dean was the man who opened fire outside a home on Carlton Street, in Sodus, last October, killing Niles and Washburn.

Childers shared a child with Niles, and lost custody of them before the murders. Deputies said Dean made the drive from Sunray, Texas to kill the couple over a custody dispute between Childers and her ex-boyfriend, Niles.