AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT)— According to a release, earlier this year Coffee Memorial Blood Center launched the “Greater Good” blood donation program. The program allows community donor groups to generate a financial gift for a local nonprofit of their choice while supporting the local blood supply.

The release stated that to get involved first, a donor group must designate a third-party nonprofit of their choice to receive the benefit. Then, the donor group must hold a blood drive that gathers at least 15 successful donations. Finally, CMBC will make a $10 to $15 contribution per successful donation to the designated nonprofit. The higher contributions are earned for first-time, additional and high-growth drives.

“It is not surprising that this program is successful, because our communities are full of people who are not only caring, but who are also smart enough to supersize their generosity by leveraging this two-fer of giving,” Dr. John Armitage, president and CEO of Coffee Memorial Blood Center said”At a time when the economy is pressuring charitable budgets and client needs are rising, I am proud that our blood center has discovered this creative way to extend altruism`s impact.”

Officials stated that in the month of July, donor groups hosted 23 successful Greater Good blood drives, and $8,325 was donated by CMBC to local charities. Since January, donor groups have hosted hundreds of Greater Good drives, which resulted in $43,595 flowing to charitable causes and many thousands of pints of blood flowing for transfusions. Animal welfare, hunger prevention, police benevolence, dementia care, youth services and poverty relief are among the many different causes that have benefitted from the program.

For more information on the “Greater Good” blood donation program, call 877-340-8777.