AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Officials from Coffee Memorial Blood Center (CMBC) invited donors to the “Beef Up the Blood Supply” on labor day weekend at CMBC, located at 7500 Wallace Blvd.

According to a CMBC press release, on Thursday, Sept. 1, and Friday, Sept. 2, donors can receive a bigfoot T-Shirt and an all-beef hotdog.

During holidays the demand for blood supply at many hospitals increases due to increased travel and activities that could result in accidents. Coffee Memorial Chief Executive Office Brad Duggan said that the center needs to collect 120 units of blood each day to properly service the 31 counties they provide for.

“When we go into a holiday weekend, a lot of times you have the opportunity for usage to come up and a lot of times your donations actually go down because people like to leave town, said Brad Duggan, CEO of Coffee Memorial.” “We usually try to look at opportunities that we that we can use to build up our blood systems supply prior to going into that weekend to make sure that we have the products that we need to take care of the hospitals that we service in our community.”

CMBC said all donors get a piece of Nothing Bundt Cake and free entry to the Don Harrington Center. Donors will also have an opportunity to win a $20 gas card or vintage CMBC t-shirt.

Officials said guests who donate before Labor Day could be a part of a tailgate party at CMBC.

“Although we have fun with this event, saving the lives of our family, friends, and neighbors is a serious matter,” said Dr. John Armitage, president, and CEO of CMBC. “We want to encourage donors to take time before Labor Day Weekend to help us prepare for any emergency that may occur.”

CMBC officials’ age and weight guidelines include; 16-year-old donors must weigh at least 125 pounds and provide signed parental permission; 17-year-olds must weigh at least 125 pounds; 18-year-olds and older must weigh at least 110 pounds. Photo ID required.

To make appointments to become a donor, visit here.