AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Children’s Miracle Network Miracle Child Lilliean Salazar and her mom Leasa are walking miracles.

“I had what is called HELLP syndrome, it started to shut down my kidney, my liver, basically, she was delivered at 29 weeks to save my life.”

With such an early delivery, “as I was wheeled out to emergency surgery, I looked up at my mom, my husband said, ‘don’t forget to say goodbye to your mom'”, said Leasa Salazar, Lillea’s mom. “Once he said that, I just knew I was going to die.”

Doctors literally ran to save Lillea’s life.

“They put her in a turkey bag, and they run out of the room. The neurologist said, ‘stop, let mom see her’. I turn my head and all I could see was she was in this clear box, and then they literally ran out of the room,” Salazar said.

Born 11 weeks early, Lillea only measured three pounds and ten ounces at birth, small enough to fit in an adult hand.

“Which actually measured larger than she should’ve,” Salazar said emphatcially. “So basically, when my body started to shut down, we sped up the process to save her life.”

To save both of their lives, meant an extensive hospital stay.

“She had to spend 61 days in the NICU, and Children’s Miracle Network dollars paid for the bed that slept in, the radiant warmer that she was in for a while,” Salazar said.

Followed by a long road of treatments.

“At one point, I counted, and I had to use 27 one millimeter vials to give her different meds throughout the day,” Salazar told us.

With CMN stepping in financially, it gave Leasa the freedom to focus on getting her and baby Lillea healthy.

“That money goes towards making sure that as comfortable as it can be in the NICU,” Salazar added. “That there are resources, that you’re comfortable, that you’ve got this.”

Lillea is a freshman at Amarillo High now and is full of talent, “I’m in color guard, and i’m also in choir, I have some musical talent, I have some rhythm!,” she said enthusiastically.

Personality and big dreams.

“What do you want to be when you grow up?,” I asked her.

“I think when i was in first grade, it was a rock star” she said matter-of-factly.

“A rock star that works as a veterinarian,” her mother added comically.

“Right now, musical therapy for special needs kids or something in that field, or I could just go do Broadway or something,” Lillea said.

Her and her mother’s story is even more incredible when you consider pregnancy looked unlikely for Leasa.

“I had polycystic-ovarian syndrome, and that can cause endometriosis, which can cause problem conceiving,” she said.

With the condition, Leasa’s chance of getting pregnant were more than one in a million.

“10 weeks later, I was nauseated and couldn’t figure out why,” she said.

“It was me guys, it was me, you’re welcome!,” Lillean added jokingly.

Two walking miracles indeed.

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