HEREFORD, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) —  Sunday night, severe weather rolled into the High Plains, causing damage to several communities around the area. Those communities are now dealing with the damage left behind by large hail and high wind that came with the storms including, Hereford.

“Damage wise, it’s going to be a significant dollar amount because of the wind. We’ve had some big hail storms before, but this wind did the damages and added to the problem,” said Hereford Assistant City Manager Dean Turney.

According to Turney, the hail ranged from the size of golf balls to baseballs.

Turney said both the Hereford Municipal Airport and Hereford Aquatic Center saw serious damage.

“The high winds caused the Aquatic Center dome that we have over the pool to collapse. It was ripped and it collapsed into the pool. The airport had significant wind damage. We had one hanger blown completely into the air and over two other hangers and then we have several other hangers that significant damage from the wind,” said Turney.

Cayden Finch, airport manager at the Hereford Municipal Airport said they saw wind gusts of 80 to 90 miles per hour at the airport.

The manager of Hereford Aquatic Center, Amy Adams said that it will be weeks before the center can open as they need to assess the damage.

She added the dome is used so the center can be a full-time facility.

“In 2012, this was a new dome and I don’t know what it cost then. I have been working here since 2014, but with the cost of everything going up and just finding the materials and getting another one built, who knows it’s up in the air. It’s a major question mark. It could possibly be repaired, we will definitely check into repairing it,” said Adams.

The First United Methodist Church was also picking up the pieces as the hail damaged and nearly broke out every window in the education building of the church which houses the church’s library, fellowship hall, kitchen, as well as youth center.

Chairman of the Trustees at First United Methodist Church, Roy Carlson said they are currently boarding up all the windows that are busted out and the building will be in limited use for the time being.

“We are just thankful for all of this volunteer help we have and church members. We are thankful we found somebody with a high forklift to help board it up,” said Carlson.

Finch added that debris has been cleared from the Hereford Municipal Airport’s runway and taxiway and that the airport is currently operational.

Turney said roofers and others companies are already in town ready to help people in need of repairs. He added those companies must have a permit with the City of Hereford.