AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The City of Amarillo is working on its long-range plan which is an updated comprehensive plan called Vision 2045.

Emily Koller, the city’s assistant director of planning, said it is a 20-year plan that starts with community input.

“We have an existing the Amarillo comprehensive plan, which was completed in 2010 and there’s a state law that requires that cities need to have an updated, comprehensive plan,” she said. “And so city plan, vision 2045 is an update to the 2010 plan.”

Koller said the city is analyzing the type of growth Amarillo can expect over the next 20 years.

“We’re facing a lot of critical decisions right now around housing, transportation, affordability, quality of life improvements,” Koller said. “And this is intended to be a large public engagement process where Amarillo residents get to decide those things about how the city will continue to grow and develop in the future.”

According to Koller, statistical data will give them key indicators for how many people they can expect to move to or leave Amarillo.

“From that, we can determine housing units and jobs, essentially, those are kind of the key indicators, and then the plan just tells us how are we going to shape the city to accommodate housing and jobs for that number of people over that timeframe.”

Koller also said there are plenty of plans in place that will align with the updated city plan.

She said they have soft launched the plan, introducing it to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the newly formed steering committee before rolling it out to the public.

Jay Renkens, a principal with the planning and design firm MIG, said they work on plans all over Texas and the country, but they want to get this one right.

“We’ll be using the guiding principles established by the community, as well as a fiscal impact analysis, to understand what the implications are for the city in terms of cost associated with different growth scenarios and development patterns,” said Renkens to the Amarillo City Council at their November 8th meeting.

Koller said the city will begin the conversation on the long-range plan with the community in January, with a website dedicated to the project.

“Then we’re actually anticipating about a year-long process from that point forward,” said Renkens. “So ideally having a draft plan, late 2023, with adoption, either at the end of the this coming year or early in 2024.”