AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Children’s Miracle Network continues to fill a need on the High Plains including the purchase of essential equipment for our healthcare providers.

“That is the only way we can diagnose and treat the patients,” said Texas Tech Physicians Pediatric Cardiologist Dr. Srilatha Alapati.

It is a machine that gets to the heart of the issue, the Echocardiogram is essential,” she said.

“This is really a heartbeat of the cardiology, and echocardiogram will tell us how the babies has any issues, they’re born with any holes in the heart, or they have any valve problems like valve leaking valve narrowing,” said Dr. Alapati.

The machines are expensive but without them, the smallest of patients would travel hours away just for a diagnosis.

“By getting a good echo quality, we could avoid the the travel and more cumbersomeness for the patient. So it is very essential for us,” said Dr. Alapati.

That is where Children’s Miracle Network steeped in buying a machine for Texas Tech Physicians in 2016.

“Texas Tech is one of the institutes that we work very closely with, said Lindsey Kinard, CMN Director. “They serve a large population here in the Texas panhandle in the top 26 counties that CMN also serves, and so they reach a lot of the children that need specialty care.”

The equipment has aged in the last six years.

“As you know, the computers, how they get outdated with the technology every day, echocardiogram machines go improve each time,” said Dr. Alapati.

CMN is again answering the call purchasing another new machine and a storage system for the clinic.

“If we need anything, then we know that we could trust and go to CMN at any time and they were very helpful,” said Dr. Alapati.

“To be able to buy equipment that’s obviously impacting healthcare, and it’s improving that by buying new updated equipment with better technology, better visuals, photographs, pictures, storage, like Dr. Alapati mentioned, then that falls very much in line with what our mission is,” said Kinard.

Dr. Alapati said she is thankful to CMN for the equipment.

“This is definitely a needed one and well appreciated by not only us but our patients too,” she said.