AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — The holiday season can be triggering for those battling substance abuse issues and Cenikor Amarillo is making the public aware of its services.

Cenikor offers a variety of services ranging from prevention to detox, depending on the individual needs of their clients.

When an individual walks through their doors, there is an assessment processor with an admissions counselor and nurse clinician. That helps identify the problem and the best course of action.

“Through that assessment we determine what type of service they need,” said Debra King, Cenikor Amarillo Facility Director. “We try to determine what the medication is or what the addiction is, whether it’s an alcohol addiction or opioid addiction, all those things have a different plan of care.”

The first step in the treatment plan is prevention. Cenikor goes to different schools in the area to help youth find alternative coping methods and activities so that they don’t become involved in certain substances.

For the youth services Cenikor goes into schools and libraries where they help youth and their families have successful lives.

King shared that some of the other services include sober living, a type of treatment where individuals are able to stay in an apartment-style facility. Where they are able to utilize outpatient services and attend groups while continuing to work. The goal is to help them live successful life in the community.

Cenikor also offers short-term residential services where individuals stay between 14-40 days depending on their needs. They go through a detox program and take steps to enter back into the community.

“We help them to try to find a job or a driver’s license and social security card if needed, to kind of have them transition back into the community, said King.”

The newest program is the medication-assisted treatment program. Where individuals with an opioid disorder are helped through medication.

“So we get them off those opioids, but we help them through medication management to do such, stated King.” “So we have medications that allow them to continue to participate in daily living and live a life without that opioid addiction.”

The Amarillo Shelter Program is also a service provided by Cenikor. Where individuals who have an addiction but live in shelters are still allowed to go to day services to receive treatment.

With holiday festivities that sometimes involve alcohol, it’s important to know the signs of substance abuse. However, they do vary from person to person.

Signs of substance abuse include withdrawing from family and friends, neglecting responsibilities, not participating in everyday activities and irritability, according to Indian Health Service.

For family and friends who want to provide support to individuals going through programs, it’s important to provide support.

“The main thing that family and friends can do is be supportive, said King.” “Anybody that has an addiction issue that wants help, it’s really recognizing some of those signs and being willing to have that conversation and letting them know that there are options. That’s the main thing.”

Cenikor prides themselves in providing services to individuals despite their financial or insurance situation and wants people to know they don’t have to travel far for help.

“Individuals don’t have to go a long distance to get the services they need, said King.” “It’s really an issue of making sure people are aware of what services are available. When they come to our door, we’re going to find them the services they need and someone that can help them and so I think that’s really important. Is not feeling alone.”

Cenikor has treatment services throughout Texas. To learn more about Cenikor Amarillo contact them at (806)318-7712 or visit their website.